With many years experience in the international florist industry, we are using our knowledge to provide a highly bespoke and creative service. Our services span a wide range of needs, from elegant floral display bouquets for homes to simple and stylish arrangements for offices, businesses, and extravagant floral displays for hotels, restaurants and all kinds of events.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR – KATIA SIROTENKO is a person of varied talents and hobbies, with an enduring interest in different cultures… Having secured a Masters Degree in Nuclear Physics from Moscow State University, she then attained a Masters in Computer Science from Chicago University, before entering the U.S. IT industry.

Katia is an avid traveller; mountain-climber; heli-skier (in Europe, Russia, North and South America); and helicopter pilot. She is also a big music-lover and DJ.
In 2015 she started the “7 summits” challenge, ascending Mount Elbrus (4564m) in August 2015 and Mount Kilimanjaro (5895 m) in February 2016. In October 2016 scaled Mount Tiachichuca (5700m). Next in her sights is the Mount Vinson Massif in Antarctica in December 2016.

Flowers have always been a passion of hers, however, it was on arrival in London that this passion ‘bloomed’ manifesting itself creatively.
Katia is a loving mother of three…

Art director – Olesya Panova started out working in an office. This early life stage did not involve creativity and beauty, however, she retained a dream
of doing something more creative, but never imagined that this would manifest itself working with flowers.

After attaining degrees in business and then marketing, she
did an MBA, before working in a cooperative environment in finance for 10 years.

Olesya’s life changed completely after moving to the Netherlands. In Keukenhof Park, flower museums, gardens, parks and supermarkets, she discovered, lived, saw and smelled the beauty in every bloom.

On moving to London in 2014, Olesya decided to connect her
life directly with flowers. It is a niche that she loves, that always gives her positive energy, by making people happy and brightening their lives through the beauty of flowers.

Olesya enjoys cycling, swimming and doing yoga and loves spending time with friends…